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Pure Pod creates beautiful Australian Made, contemporary & stylish "Sustainable" women’s eco fashion. Appealing to women who care about what they wear, quality and most importantly, an interest in sustainability, beautiful design, health, wellbeing & the environment. Pure Pod’s aim is to bring contemporary style to the eco-fashion movement and to give consumers a choice with meaning. All garments are lovenly & ethically made from Organic Cotton, Bamboo, Soy, Linen, Silk, Merino Wool and "Hand Woven" Denim, that have either used low impact or vegetable dyes. 

Launched in 2007 by the Canberra born & bred designer Kelli Donovan her photographer Sean Watson. Pure Pod has emerged as one of Australia’s largest ethical fashion brands and is considered to be a pioneer in the ‘Eco & Sustainable’ fashion industry. Pure Pod’s ethos is built on sustainability, ethics, a love of the environment & human nature. They pride themselves on using talented Australian crafts people & keeping our local fashion industry thriving, 100% ethically Australian Made.  Shown in New York, Hong Kong, Vancouver and recently at Fashfest in Canberra, Pure Pod has bought sustainable fashion into the lime-light. 
Since its inception in 2007, Pure Pod has based its ethos on its Australian Made credentials and impeccable quality. Pure Pod has received numerous acclaims such as 2011 FGI Sustainable Business Awards finalist, showcased our collections in New York as part of “G’Day USA 2011", in 2012 Pure Pod were invited to show at the Asia Essential Textile Fair in Hong Kong as a sustainable designer and in October 2012, Pure Pod was accepted by the UK's Ethical Fashion Forum, to be a part of their “Fellowship500” sustainable fashion collective.